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Every Potential New Resident into Your Nursing Facility

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There’s so-called education out there to improve your census building abilities … and then there’s The Census Building Academy! Never before have so many successful individuals, with proven track records in building and maintaining a super-strong census in the nursing facility environment come together in one-place and at one-time for one specific goal: To Help You and Your Nursing Facility Keep all of Your Beds Filled.

In a nutshell this is what the men and women that make up the faculty of The Census Building Academy is all about … no theories, no maybe this will work and this might work, just time-tested and demonstrated strategies, tips and techniques to make your nursing facility “the hands-down no doubt-about-it” choices of families and responsible parties in your region and community.  The Census Building Academy brings together seven of our nation’s experts ready to share what they know, how to do it, and best of all why following their easy and simple information will have you walking through your facility’s halls and seeing resident after resident in your beds.

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The Census Building Academy Has Done the Work for You
All You Have to Do is Sit Back, Watch and Reap the Rewards

This is not hype but fact when you bring The Census Building Academy into your nursing facility.  The academy’s three-part DVD series “The Census Building Toolkit” covers everything from A to Z to turn you and your fellow staff members into master census builders.

Meet The Census Building Academy’s faculty members, and what they have to offer you and your nursing facility:

Sandy Deakins

George “Sandy” Deakins - a former nursing facility administrator with over 20 years of hands-on experience, Sandy these days is Director of Client Operations for Care Centers Management Consulting, working with a dozen nursing facilities through the southeastern United States.  When it comes to building and keeping a consistently strong census, he’s seen it all and done it all!  In “The Census Building Toolkit” Professor Deakins reveals the following secrets:

  • What You Must do to Make Sure Your Nursing Facility is as Attractive as Possible to Potential New Residents and Families Each and Every Day
  • Why One of America’s Leading Tourist Attractions Holds the Keys to Having  Great Customer Service (and Causes Resident’s Families to Talk up Your Nursing Facility in Your Region and Community)  
  • How to Turn any Potential Negative Situation into a Positive and Actually Help Strengthen Your Facility’s Reputation
  • And Much More
Nyda Bays

Nyda Bays - is a working nursing facility administrator, who’s hands-down as good as they come in people skills and using this talent to build census.  Professor Bays instructs you on:

  • How to Become a Welcome Presence in Your Nursing Facility and thus Turn any Employee into a Walking, Talking Marketer of Your Building’s Care and Services
  • Why You Need to be Much More Than Just an Everyday Run-of-the-Mill “Nursing Facility” to Attract New Families and Residents and How to Achieve This Goal
  • The One Service You Perform Everyday Inside Your Facility That You May Not be Properly Promoting that Will Greatly Help in Keeping Your Beds Filled
  • And Much More
Teresa Strickland

Teresa Strickland - comes to her nursing facility everyday determined to work on her census.  She’s in “the trenches” so-to-speak as a marketing/admissions director and with a track record of census success that’s the envy of her peers.  Professor Strickland hands out the following census building tips:

  • The do’s and don’ts for creating and maintaining positive relationships with important local referral sources such as hospital discharge planners and local physicians
  • What You Need to Say (and not say) to Prospective New Families Regarding the CMS Five-Star Rating System, and How to Best Address Your Building’s Current Number
  • The Keys to Successfully Keeping Tabs on What Your Competition is Doing (fellow nursing facilities plus assisted living communities and at-home healthcare) and the Keys to Successfully Market Against Your Competitors
  • And Much More
Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson - has served as a Director of Nursing and most recently as a consultant to nursing facilities.  Because of this, Professor Johnson brings a wealth of experience and know-how to The Census Building Academy.  In the academy’s presentation of “The Census Building Toolkit, she gives you:

  • The Solutions to Building Your Census One Resident at a Time
  • Why Your People Skills Can Make or Break Your Census
  • How to Get Confident and Comfortable to Best Communicate with Potential New Families and Residents (as well as your present residents and families)
  • And much more
Chip Kessler

Chip Kessler - is a 30-year veteran of media, communications.  He’s a former newspaper editor & publisher, radio newscaster and television host.  For the past eight years, he’s served as both a marketing/advertising consultant to nursing facilities plus has created some 18 nursing facility staff development, training and educational programs that have sold nationwide to several thousand facilities. Professor Kessler peels back the curtain and shares with you these important lessons:

  • The Solution to Having a Strong Marketing and Advertising System in Place for Your Building
  • The Keys to Having a Successful Presence on the Internet and What Every Successful Nursing Facility Web Site Must Have
  • How to Get Free Publicity for Your Nursing Facility on Your Local Television and Radio Stations as well as Your Local Newspapers in Print and On-Line
  • And Much More
Joy Powers

Joy Powers - is a text-book example of what it is to be a driving force behind her nursing facility’s super-success.  Joy wears many hats however her chief role is to be a visible face and voice in representing her building in the local region and community. Professor Powers guides you on:

  • How to Use Your Personality to Help “Sell” Your Nursing Facility to Potential New Families and Residents
  • Why Every Event and Activity You Have in Your Nursing Facility has to be Done with Your Census in Mind
  • The Benefits of Paying Very Close Attention to Your and Your Fellow Staff Members’ Dealings with Any and Everyone that Sets Foot Inside Your Building
  • And Much More
Nancy White

Nancy White - is on the telephone every day she reports to work as a customer service consultant who represents a dozen nursing facilities located in the Southeastern United States.  Her responsibilities include speaking with families of residents in her clients’ buildings to determine their level of satisfaction with the care and services being provided.  As a member of The Census Building Academy Professor White is here to sharpen your telephone skills when it comes to using this communication tool to help keep all of your beds filled.  You’ll discover:

  • What Telephone Fundamentals You and Your fellow Staff Members Must Employ to Win Over every new Potential family Member that Calls Your Facility Wanting to Find Out What You Have to Offer
  • The One Major Telephone Mistake, if Done, Will Absolutely Cost Your Facility New Residents
  • How to Properly Use Your Voice When Speaking on the Telephone with Potential New Family Members
  • And Much More

"All I can say is wow!  This is by far the best presentation I've ever seen on the subject of Census Building.  Not only is the material great, its made our census grow within the first few days of putting some of the information to work.  I've shared the DVDs with several of my key staff members and they all agree that this program is the best of its kind."
Helen Hutchinson, Administrator, Lakeview Manor Nursing Center, Lebanon, TN

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Just imagine the expense if you brought the members of The Census Building Academy into your nursing facility for a personal training and staff census building session!  You’d pay thousands (and it would be well worth the cost).  However for a very limited time as part of this very special roll-out we’re taking 40% off the regular investment of $599.95 so that you can get this three-part DVD series (over two hours of census building strategies) for just three monthly payments of $129.95 each or you may save an additional $30.00 and make a one-time investment of $329.95.

Free Bonus gifts #1: We’ll pay your shipping and handling expenses, a $25.00 value however yours free!

Free Bonus Gifts #2: Five DVD’s of the video presentation of The Gift of Love: Why Nursing Facility Care Matters. This six minute program is given to potential new families and residents that come to your building to take a tour or sent to those calling your facility to discover more about your care and services.  The program offers:

  • A compassionate and gentle presentation that helps them deal with the guilt they may be feeling
  • A thorough explanation of what you can do for your residents
  • A feeling of confidence that they've made the right decision to find out more about your care and services

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The Gift of Love: Why Nursing Facility Care Matters

Copies of The Gift of Love: Why Nursing Facility Care Matters are sold for $12.95 each retail, however you will get five of them (a $64.75 value) free with your order … plus if you wish to re-order more copies to give to potential new families in the future you may get them at the super-special discounted investment of $9.95 each (minimum order of ten), an additional 25% savings.

Free Bonus Gift #3: The workbook 101 Ways to Get People to Visit Your Nursing Facility by Chip Kessler.  America’s leading healthcare marketing consultant is back with this handy reference guide to help build your census.  As you well know, the name of the game is getting people to become comfortable with you, your fellow staff members and your facility in general.  What if you had a resource tool that gave you a boat-load of ideas to make your facility “a community center” and thus get people inside your doors, even before they’d need your services for a loved one?  Then when the time came, what facility do you think they’d choose?  Correct … the nursing facility they’ve already been in (hopefully several times already)!  In this treasure-trove of information, you’ll get:

  • Simple and easy-to-do things and events to make your building a magnet for drawing in people from your region and community
  • A means to help build your facility’s morale and togetherness because you’re all working together for a common goal
  • The ability to set your facility apart from all of your competition because you’ve made your building into more than a nursing facility … it’s now a destination spot!
  • And much more

101 Ways to Get People to Visit Your Nursing Facility is a $59.95 value however it's yours free when you receive The Census Building Academy.

Free Bonus Gift #4: The two-part audio CD program, Your Telephone Success with Chris Mullins.  Indeed your and your fellow staff members’ ability and skills to use the telephone is so vitally important to your facility’s census building that we’ve added a second expert in this field to The Census Building Academy.  She's Chris Mullins known nationally as "The Phone Success Doctor".  In this program Chris speaks with Chip Kessler and outlines for you:

  • The built-in pitfalls of having an automated phone answering system (and what you must do personally as a staff to overcome this once the prospective new family member reaches a real person)
  • The right (and wrong way) to put a phone caller on hold
  • How to become comfortable when speaking with someone on the phone
  • How to get the person calling in for information to automatically want to come to your facility to take a tour- THIS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LEARN
  • Why a poor telephone experience can help to ruin your facility’s reputation in your community, and what you must do to insure that every call into your building is a positive experience

This audio CD program is chock-full of census building tips and techniques!  It’s a $99.95 value and is yours free.

In all that’s $249.65 in free bonus gifts, roughly two-thirds of your total investment in the Census Building Academy.

Plus, take up to a full 30 days from the time you get the The Census Building Academy to put it through its paces.  If in this time you don’t feel it’s the most complete and comprehensive program on census building, then return it for a cheerful refund … no questions asked.  Plus you may keep both the 101 Ways to Get People to Visit Your Nursing Facility and the Chris Mullins Your Telephone Success Skills Program as our gifts for your time.  What could be fairer?

Introducing a Brand New DVD Program
as Part of The Census Building Academy ...

"The Secrets of Great Word-of-Mouth Advertising"
Now Available as an Additional 5th Free Bonus Gift

This program is brand new! Question: what is the most powerful force out there that drives more new residents to one nursing home versus another in your region? Answer: the reputation your building has. Yes you must advertise your facility.  Yes you must market your facility.  However when all is said and done, whatever people are saying (good or bad) about your nursing home and your staff is the major factor in getting new residents. I've made a comprehensive study into this word-of-mouth phenomenon and am ready to peel back the curtain and reveal the specific things you can start doing today to make your building the go-to nursing facility in your region ... because you have created an army of current families, former residents, and former families who are telling everyone how great your nursing facility and staff is! Sound like information you can use to help build an even stronger census? This DVD is a $79.95 value however you'll get it with my compliments when you reserve your copy of The Census Building Academy program.

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Now, you'll receive $329.60  in free bonus gifts, matching your investment almost penny-for-penny in The Census Building Academy program!  

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"The men and women of The Census Building Academy obviously know their stuff. I was skeptical at first but with the 30 day trial I figured we had nothing to lose. Well, I'm happily enclosing our facility's check for payment in full.  Why just the suggestions that Mr. Deakins offered about what we needed to do to get our building in shape and Nyda Bays great marketing tips has resulted in more new residents this week than we've had in any one week so far this year."
Alan Jenkins, Director of Admissions and Marketing, Big Valley Skyline Heights, Cloverdale, CA

Now is the Time to Take Charge of Your Census

Not tomorrow or next week or next month, but today.  Take the first step and act now to bring the men and women of the Census Building Academy into your nursing facility to go to work for you!

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